Taken up running!

No, really not my style! 🙂

But the stitch is one I’ve always wanted more time to explore.  When I first produced a sample for the TAST challenge run by Sharon B  I felt it was one worth working with as such fantastic complex designs and texture can be achieved  using this stitch and imagination.   I have been searching for a workbook on the basic stitches used alongside running  and maybe some of the traditional motifs and borders, using these as a base to expand from.

I finally found an introductory book after months of searching –  just the start I think, of what I hope will become a new friendship.

Here’s hoping you have time to pursue something ‘Just for the joy of it’ .

practice kanthaKamal kadai

PS Waiting impatiently for the book to arrive, so I doodled a little and trying to get a feel of the stitch while I wait.  Not my best effort, but I think I have to find the rhythm

Best wishes



3 thoughts on “Taken up running!

    1. Getting over a chest infection does actually have advantages. sea am rooting out some marvellous info on stitches and the correct names for motifs. Here’s the latest pic of a start on the Lotus design(although I’ve already started to “tweak” it) 🙂

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