Lotus flower finished and another book found !!

So pleased with myself – Pity you can’t see the grin.  I’ve also tracked down a second workbook by Surjeet Hussain!! ( Only one to go)

It’s on order and whilst I am waiting the wip on the Lotus flower is coming along great 🙂  I have the background quilting to do and mirrors to insert – when the workbook on Shisha arrives.

Finished Lotus flowerKantha Lotus

kantha motifsI like the little experimental motif to the left of the flower.  It is a combination of stitches and could be used to a make a bold braid or an appliqueed motif set onto another background.

I have started a second  motif and I’m attempting to learn how to use  running stitch “directionally” (my word) because as I study the photographs of Kantha quilts the diagonal use of the stitch as solid filling and the way bands of stitch form arrowhead, zig-zag patterns and other shapes  looks like it may be satin stitch.  I think though, it is a shift of running stitches travelling in different directions that form the outline as well as the whole shape.

Kantha leaf

It really does feel weird to shift the direction of a row of stitches in more than one direction and so the result on the leaf motif is anything but neat!  I have stitched a tiny portion on the left half of the leaf in satin stitch so you can see the difference in appearance(will be taking this out).  I decided to embroider a different shade of variegated thread between the orange areas – I quite like the effect.  Those of you out there who are more familiar with this style of quilting maybe able to tell me more about this and even leave a few tips for improving my technique – please do!!!

What is wip, I hear some of you ask, it is a space for all like-minded embroiderers to meet and post up their latest progress each week. It is such a help in keeping on track with your work and a chance to see what everyone else is up to.  It is over on Sharon B’s website pintangle.

5 thoughts on “Lotus flower finished and another book found !!

  1. This piece is really growing on me. I love it more and more each time I see it. The colours are so sunny and cheerful, the design so ‘fruity’ and it will be even better with shisha.

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