All done with mirrors- When they come!!

Well, I have actually managed to catch up on the last 5 TAST stitches(see Sharon  B over on her website pintangle for details of this “Take a Stitch Tuesday”challenge).

weeks 95 to 99detail 95-99

I really wanted to just stitch and stitch on my little Kantha sample panel.  I have managed to quilt the background and love the texture of those tiny ripples in the cloth, the second book I ordered is still in transit and I hope the mirrors are included as described.

I’ve backed this panel with the first piece of kantha I did, framed it  and will use as a first “page ” in my Kantha sample book.

Kantha lotus nearly there

I also finished the leaf motif with the running stitches travelling through the motif and a second colour to add interest.

Kantha leaf finished

The weather here is really wet and so windy!  Gusts of up to 100mph – I hate the wind and think I won’t get much sleep to-night.(Maybe, I’ll sneak down and do some dawn dabbling with my stitches 🙂

Hope you are all safe wherever you are and enjoy your stitching!

Best wishes

Barbara X

4 thoughts on “All done with mirrors- When they come!!

  1. The Kantha is looking great, and will be even more interesting when you have added those mirrors. Meanwhile the combination of TAST stitches makes a fantastic design. What are those Bullion chain stitches on the edge of the whipped wheel? Are they TAST stitches that I have missed?

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