WIP – Another Kantha motif design :)

This type of hand stitching, whilst time-consuming, is wonderful!! I’m in love with the relaxing feel of drawing with the needle.  Sadly, free-machine embroidery cannot give me the same satisfaction(did I just say that??)

Dark kantha star

I was trying out my first shisha attempt and I decided to use a basic star template then  design a more interesting pattern, colour scheme,  also use the background to the motif as a method of trying out  pattern in kantha quilting.  The colour scheme was inspired by a new thread shade called  ‘Mars Red’ – I love it and so hit on black and lemon for partnering it – I never would have picked these!

Dark Star Kantha close up

I’m pleased with the result and you can see my progress for this week.

I felt guilty letting the kantha hog all my time so I completed the first leaf in my panel, too.(another three and a half to go!)

Summer leaf finished

Hope you are all progressing well with whatever you choose!

Best wishes


4 thoughts on “WIP – Another Kantha motif design :)

  1. I think you are learning and testing so many new things. The colour scheme that you would not have used before is nice. The white Kantha sets it off so nicely.
    Have fun with the leaves, too.

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