itching to stitch

Seems I can’t stop playing with stitch(particularly Kantha).

Kantha spray free-formfree-form spraycosmic whirl

I have created a small free-form spray and a little example of the ‘Cosmic Whirl’ motif.

I found this tricky to learn as the stitches shift direction as you sew and I seem to end up holding this in hand and stitching sort of, well! -Sideways 🙂

I have now drawn out another sample to work on but have tried to move away from the traditional motifs and have chosen a more abstract approach, also, by limiting the colours I’m concentrating more on the choice of stitches I choose.  Will post when I have some more progress made!

Hope  you are progressing well and have your ‘flying fingers’ on.

Best wishes


4 thoughts on “itching to stitch

  1. You used to add a lot of beads and sparkly thread to your work. Here you have proven that you can achieve just as much structure, movement and energy by using simple thread. The Cosmic Whirl is certainly whirling!

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