Kantha – deco style!

I love the traditional patterns and motifs on Kantha embroidery, but what if I use kantha stitch as a background to a more contemporary design, Hhmmmm……

deco face of timedetail kantha deco

This doodle reminds me of time and I have a couple of ideas to tweak it a bit but for now I’ve started(and I might finish 🙂

It has a deco feel about it and gives a bit of variety to the samples.

P.S.  Sorry for the poor quality of pics, but in rather a rush!

Meanwhile I am keeping up with the TAST challenge run by Sharon B over @ pintangle a great way to learn some fascinating stitches and share your efforts!  Here’s the update with triangular buttonhole stitch and the beaded version for this week ( I varied the size and angle of the stitches).

Tast triangular chain and beaded version added

Hope you are busy, busy,busy!

Best wishes

Barbara X


2 thoughts on “Kantha – deco style!

  1. I am truly amazed at the variety and quality of art that I find on WordPress. Your beautiful stitchery and meandering bio-forms are some of the most engaging images I have seen recently, and I look at art a lot. Thank you for sharing all of this with me. I hope you get all the artistic appreciation you so richly deserve.

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