A second leaf completed for the panel.

I rather like the effect of the partial stitching around the margin (I had originally wanted to repeat the satin stitch over the whole leaf)

Second leaf mark-making

I have tried to portray the imperfections and damage that time inflicts by various marks and holes.

detail erosion

Still pondering on whether to paint the centre or possibly reverse applique some of the areas???

But will leave it for now – Another two and a half leaves to go!

This is my WIP(work in progress, which will be posted on Sharon B’s website each Wednesday.  A great place to see what other embroiderers are up to and to give some encouragement to those who struggle on a long term project 🙂



8 thoughts on “A second leaf completed for the panel.

  1. Thanks, Queenie 🙂 I think to ‘fill in’ the leaf would detract from the effect of the marks.
    Thanks for the input,Faye, I think I may save this technique for the ‘Autumn colours’ leaf for more drama!!!

  2. I like it as is but if you really want to take this leaf further then maybe some reverse appliqué would be interesting

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