Going to seed for days!!

Finally finished Autumnal leaf and the base of whipstitch ‘veins’

reverse applique doneLeaves done 2nd stage







Now this framework was in place, I re-enforced the lines with more threads.

Then,  I can safely say I really went mad!  I decided, on a whim, that the branches needed to be more decorative and to look more integrated with the background.  The seed stitches where such a subtle way to change the appearance and I wanted to keep this part of the  embroidery in the background so as not to steal attention away from the leaves.

I started with just a small branch and of course, there was no turning back.

seed stitch 1texture seed stitch





 seed stitch 4I’m really happy with the organic look of this




Glad I got this stage out-of-the-way, and now I can return to pondering on the finishing frame for it????  It may take some time, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them below in comments.  I want something a little wild and unruly –   neat and tidy won’t do at all 🙂  Maybe, an organic look?

I know this much:

  1.  Slips will be too bulky and detract from the main image
  2. Burnt organzas and stitch – too flimsy
  3. I thought of covering the edges with smaller scale leaves, but I can see that as too fussy.
  4. I’d like to include some cutwork in there somehow, but don’t know where to start……
  5. Favourite at the moment for the bottom edge is a fringe of some sort but as to the sides?

So,  I’m going to have a little break away for a few days and hope I find either inspiration ,or some clever little suggestions by you crafty creatives!

Here’s hoping,


Sorry about the varying shots, but the weather here is so changeable and my eyeballs are full of seeds!!





4 thoughts on “Going to seed for days!!

  1. I don’t know why I was rude enough to ignore your kind comments and suggestions!! Thanks for dropping by( you will see by the latest post I have been a bit pre-occupied 🙂
    Thanks, Barbara

  2. Barbara ,
    I so am loving this quilt and its been great watching you create it.It has inspired me.
    It has the feel of laying on your back under a tree and watching the leaves dance in the breeze.Which is where some of my ideas have come from.
    That fringe zone ,where the leaves end ,is made up of +and – spaces.so may be use that to create some sides. Cutting out a few leaf shapes each side ,then cutting out a decorative edge using different parts of your leaf shape for the sides and don’t forget clumps of leaves.
    The cut outs could then be used in the fringe, as if some of the leaves are falling.
    Not sure if you ever saw one of my landscape art quilts where I used wrapped thread made into a branch to hang the quilt from.You could use some heavy gauge wire as the core and copy your branch shapes ,wrap them in fabric and stitch like your branches .
    Hoping that gives you some ideas to work with ,Im tracking down some fabric before starting on a gumtree quilt ,inspired by watching you create Autumn leaves.Cheers Faye

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