At last I’m organized!(well as much as I can be)

Definitely have been off the radar screen for a while, I must admit – but I do have an explanation

It all started when  the frustration of waiting forever just to visit the home page on my antique laptop; which kept crashing at key moments(such as uploading photos and downloading info. which I’d been searching a long time for!) became too much to cope with.  I had no printer to talk of and I was longing to own and learn about dslr cameras – quite a wish list, huh?   Plus a couple of courses I wanted to try.

So, it was on a very foul and rainy day an assortment of boxes were delivered.  I felt a lot like Pandora, as I opened them. 

The first one to get to grips with was my PC which had a Windows 8 O.S.  Bit of a nightmare to start with,  it was just like visiting your favourite supermarket and finding every product had been re-homed!  I felt really dumb!  After a few of days things started to make more sense and I felt it was time to introduce it to a new friend – The printer.  This was a new fandangled wireless, card reader playing, scanning, all-singing, all-dancing Canon Pixma.

Well!  Installation went ahead and I had a brief feeling of elation as I managed to get it on-line and printing but the following  70 windows updates that followed including the dreaded 8.1 ‘upgrade’ caused them to fall out with one another  bigtime and there was no communication between them at all.

Eventually after some hair-pulling and several coffees, the job was done!(a matter of not enough drivers )  Next the camera and all the software plus the transfer of my internet security product over to the new laptop, not forgetting the backlog  of TAST stitches( 4 in all)  Tick to all the aforementioned  πŸ™‚  Phew!! 

I have recently started a new 10 week community course through Harlech college, called Creative textiles and think it will be fun to learn some new techniques.  First 2 weeks have been covering Faux Chenille  and reverse applique.  Will post my samples later.

In the midst of all this bedlam, my poor hubby twisted and injured his back and has been really suffering(We had to call the doctor  out on a night visit and then he had a  bad  re-action to strong pain killers.)

The good news is he’s on the mend, but it will take time.  Further good news –  I’ve lost weight through all the dashing around!

So, my friends, that is where I’ve disappeared to lately, lost in the ‘everyday world’.  I am so grateful that everything is now working as it should and hope to do get back to visiting all my stitching friends and posting some stuff.

Take care and enjoy yourselves!

Barbara M



3 thoughts on “At last I’m organized!(well as much as I can be)

  1. What a lot on your plate! Dealing with IT-related items, especially old ones that go on strike and new ones one doesn’t understand will make anyone lose weight!
    I am so sorry to hear about your husbands bad back and how much that must have worried you. I hope you are both feeling better soon.
    Good medicine is, as you know, stitching and you have got yourself a super duper dose.
    Have fun!

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