My new best friend – the Work Journal!

Although I’ve always been a Bookworm this is one I’ve always kept away from, why?, you ask.  Because they used to scare me stupid!  All those very organised, grown-up pages and fantastic well illustrated thought processes(forgive the hollow knocking noises, it’s just my knees :))

Anyway, I am so, so glad I chose to take the fantastic Sharon B‘s last class recently and, whilst it really took a while for me to get used to not throwing all those scruffy notes, tatty envelope flaps etc. into the nearest free space.   I finally found a new home for all those seeds of my ideas(see, I’ve called it my ‘Ideas Book’ less threatening altogether, don’t you think?)  So I took photos and sampled to get a feel for the ideas I wanted to pursue and came out with – A quarry abstract! See below.

I had passed through this place whilst out walking and the incisions in the stone were fascinating, like a foreign language.  An ideal opportunity for some mark-making of my own!

rough sampling begins

I then built up the strata with strips of hand-dyed linen and backed them with  felt.  Some sections were individually embroidered and then added to the strips.

Finally after finding an arrangement I liked I stuck down onto a card, tissue and gesso backing.


This was taken before the proper frame arrived and it is just shown in a rough mount to make it look finished(well! Almost).

So, I am now finding the routine of early morning quiet time with my book something to look forward to instead of dread!  Thanks, Sharon.

P.S. will post later this week about something else I’ve finally found the courage to pursue, watch this space, or if you can’t wait look here in Flickr :)………………

Barbara M


4 thoughts on “My new best friend – the Work Journal!

  1. HI Barbara – I am so pleased the curse is proving useful to you. It does not mater what you call it – if it works it works the main thing is to catch those creative ideas. Life is too short and time too valuable to not to!

    1. Sharon, that is so true and I think you can learn at any age – you just have to WANT to try!
      Thanks, once again for steering me in the right direction!

  2. I think your quarry extract is fantastic, I can see the cracks, the rough surfaces and the water trickling down.
    ‘Journal’ ‘Notebook’ … I agree they make you think of organised creativity, but a place to scribble down sudden ideas, add stray photos or newspaper cuttings is useful for everyone. The head is usually too small a place to store all impressions and ideas in. I know someone who uses old envelopes to store ideas in, one envelope for each project, but as there is nothing glued down to book pages the notes, samples and cuttings can flow from one envelope to another. It is important to find a way that suits YOU, and Sharon seems to have helped you do just that. Enjoy!

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