Raggedy Blooms

Well, some progress has been made on another experiment using transfer paper to print a small watercolour piece  onto fabric after scanning it.  The finish is garbage;  very plasticky and shiny but I managed to knock it back to passable with very gentle circular movements with a carborundum stone(before you ask – Here in the UK we use this to sharpen knives and scissors, it s quite fine).

Anyway, Now onto the stitching stage and adding beading. too(what a surprise :}  I like the way the sheen of the treated fabric accentuates the quilting.  Also combining machine free-style embroidery with hand stitch, too.  Adds more dimension to the horrible, flat surface.

When  finish this, I plant to get my hands on some Bubble jet set 2000 I hear it doesn’t interfere with the handle of the fabric but some printers have had trouble with the inks bleeding – Any info on the product and what Printer you use would be really helpful!

Thanks folks.

See below for the w.i.p.

Ready for stitchingWatercolour transferred and some machine embroidery done.



close up Bloom 1

I like the way this is turning  and the sheen is an advantage after all!




Raggedy Blooms

O.K  So this is where I’m  up to and will post when I make more progress!

Hope you all have a productive Week-end 🙂

Barbara M




6 thoughts on “Raggedy Blooms

  1. That is a fantastic landscape of stitches! I have been admiring the picture at the title of your blog and now know how you created it.
    Without beading a More Cold Tea creation would not be a true More Cold Tea creation! Spill out some more beads, Barbara!

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