An Apple a day……………….

I have ordered ‘Drawing on the left side of the brain’ and the accompanying workbook, so can’t wait to see if this will help me with a more productive approach.

So, whilst I am waiting,  I’ve raided the fridge and liberated the last, lonely apple.  I decided to use this as a practice on shading(which needs lots of work!!)

Apple 1

I also drew it from another angle and yes, the bottom is deformed-looking because I can’t find the proper eraser(another item awaiting delivery ).

Apple 2


But at least it is taking my mind of this blasted virus and keeping me out of trouble until those books arrive!

Hope you have a productive and successful week ahead of you!

Best wishes

Barbara M


4 thoughts on “An Apple a day……………….

  1. You said something about ugly in Flickr …no, no not at all – I like the second apple, it has a real shine on it, as apples have when they have been polished before eating.

  2. HI Barbara drawing on the left side of the brain is a great book – really worth having. I just wanted to say that for what it is worth I think you made a good choice. The apple is great – you have described the skin really well.

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