Bowled Over!

To-day’s challenge was to up the difficulty and try to draw 2 subjects, tricky wasn’t the word.  I had trouble working out the ‘reference points’, as I call my little marks for top bottom and sides, to gauge the size of things.  I did a lot of checking this time, as the bowls had to be off centre to enable me to get the rather long shadow in.

I feel that my shading is getting worse, not better.  The reflections were coming in from all angles, as I was in the conservatory(glass all around = multiple highlights and multiple shades of shading, if you know what I mean)  I was really having to concentrate To-day, and I don’t know if a lot more work on the graduation of shading will improve things?  Or am I starting with too deep a tone of shading and not leaving the space for gradually lightening towards the highlights? GRrr!  I hope the answers are in this coming book, or I will have to go hunting for answers, again!

2 bowls

As you see the shading wasn’t great in the ball practice I did, but seems smoother than on the bowls.  Bit of a puzzlement, is it me or is it just more practice???

P1140278Ball practice 2



2 thoughts on “Bowled Over!

  1. The ball must be easier to shade as there is only a convex surface. The bowls are tricky with the outside being convex and the inside concave. I guess the bowls also have a shiny surface while the ball is matt(ish). Give shading a rest for a bit and try again. Or move to a less highlighted area, a darker room with only one light source. Good luck!

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