SSsshhh! I’m concentrating…………………..

Yes, things have gone a little quiet ‘stitchwise’  lately but the reason is a very good one – I would like to devote most of my time to drawing, or should I say, learning to draw)

This book is just fascinating and seems to be just what I needed!(Thanks, Sharon 🙂 I only got it on Friday, and I’m on page 101.  Now off to  make a couple of viewfinders!

If anyone is out there who has been longing to learn to draw, please take a sneaky peak at this on amazon.  It’s so worth it!



2 thoughts on “SSsshhh! I’m concentrating…………………..

    1. Queenie, Thank you so much for your wonderfully warm comment 🙂 I have not opted out of ‘stitchworld’ completely and still love to visit my most talented friends when I miss embroidering, believe me,looking at your fantastic pieces always cheers me up 🙂
      Best wishes & Stitches
      Barbara XX

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