Smell the flowers…………….

Another day another attempt!  This time line drawing a flower.  As you will see the first attempt at a Rose Bud was not as good as I would have liked, the bud was a pale golden yellow  (and beautifully perfumed)but there was hardly any contrast in the shade of the petals and they were not large enough to present a good line – the rest was OK though.  Please excuse the quality of the photos, these were taken very early and I didn’t have my glasses handy 🙂

Rose bud






The second drawing I finished early this morning, as the high winds kept me awake!

This was a silk Tulip from the Bedroom and the colour is a fabulous deep purple graduating to a paler shade.

The drawing was completed in pencil and then I decided to christen the Pitt Pens I have just purchased.  I love the bold lines they give and the crisp outline, but I think that with a more delicate subject, such as the Rose bud, I would prefer to use pencil.

Purple tulipI deliberately placed the Tulip off centre(just because I could)  I like the way it divides the negative space into 2 nicely shaped areas.  I don’t yet know how to represent glass items so a basic outline will have to do until I find out!

I am loving the relaxation that drawing brings and the way you can become totally absorbed by the process of really seeing the subject and nothing else. I can’t hear the music on the radio and my Husband’s voice seems to irritate me terribly when I’m ‘in the zone’.  Very strange.

Hope you are enjoying your week-end

Barbara M


6 thoughts on “Smell the flowers…………….

  1. Thanks, Queenie, I wish you would take up drawing again, then we could congratulate one another on our successes and commiserate with one another when things go ‘Wonky'(A technical term for when the subject matter does not turn out as well as we envisioned! :}

  2. There was a time when I was in the ‘zone’ and tried desperately to capture my surroundings with paper and pencil. I’ve dropped it all to work with needle and thread instead. Seeing your work and progress makes me wonder if I should take it up again…
    Anyway, you keep up the good work, Barbara! I wish you many cups of cold tea!

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