Accentuate the negative!

Another exercise ( from DOTRSOTB)this time concentrating on the negative space around the subject, or positive space)  and as each edge is a border of adjacent shapes the positive or subject matter is drawn also.  I am really liking the thinking behind these lessons!

I finished the Oak branch but wanted to take the contrast between pos. and neg. even further and accentuate the background.

I had just finished my daily play with Zentangle and thought why not combine the two techniques –   Boom!  I am so liking this effect! 🙂

Accentuate the negative

May do some more……………………


4 thoughts on “Accentuate the negative!

  1. Thank you for following 🙂 I am trying to learn to draw and so enjoying it! I’ve ordered some watercolours, too and will be posting my ‘playtime’ with them as I progress.

  2. Thanks, Queenie, I don’t think this has enough separate negative spaces to easily identify the subject matter, but this is only the first, and the Zentangling idea kind of took over!
    Barbara M

  3. You’ve got an interesting design there. I think learning to draw the negative space is more difficult than the positive.

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