No, it really isn’t that orange!

I took one of the oranges to draw Yesterday and was quite disappointed with the colour it looked a bit under the weather, to say the least!

Still, it was good practice and after I did a pencil sketch (see below)

Orange drawing

I decided to christen some watercolour pencils I found see second pic. below –  I hasten to add these are not the good ones which arrived this morning, These are definitely going to keep me out of mischief, I have some great books from the library about colour mixing and one on using watercolour pencils, so I will be taking some time out to play over the week-end.

Hope you enjoy the coming week-end doing something new!

Best wishes and stitches

Barbara M



2 thoughts on “No, it really isn’t that orange!

  1. Your orange might not be that orange, but we can imagine.
    Tokyo, however, is really orange today, Halloween. The Japanese have really taken to the American culture!

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