Back to stitching………………..


Yes, I have been away from this blog for – has it really been that long!  Shame on me.

I have been posting the progress on another piece I’m working  over on my (serious stuff site).

Life's complicatedP1140781

This started out as a small experimental watercolour/Zentangle hybrid that I liked.

  I decided to select a couple of the main motifs to simply matters and transferred them onto my fabric.

Below is where I’m up to now.  I have one feather to go and something to add to the background, maybe?  It looks a little stark against the white……..

1 feather to go

Feather detail






Motif stitches in detailHope you like the shots, I think it helps you to see which stitch is where!  The Chain stitch is wonderful for giving a more solid appearance and was done in perle 5 threads.

Wishing you a productive week.

Barbara M


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