Cover plus Kantha………….

Finished the cover for my Watercolour, Zenatangle and stitch journal.  I decided to choose  a handy A5 size and will probably make the back cover by transferring the original watercolour design onto fabric and pick out a few details in stitch. “Before” and” after”. The final Feather/leaf was done using backstitched outline  couched threads and bullions. I then under stitched in Fly stitch I think it really was the right choice for the barbed effect between the veins.  It also catches the light in an interesting way. When I finished the motifs I was going to just add some padded oval satin-stitched outlines to echo the leaf and sectional shapes but Kantha was the better choice for me as I enjoy it so much.  So, there you go – one cover front.

Finished coverfinished cover detail

I hope you are all enjoying your creative time and I’m looking forward to viewing the results!

Barbara M

7 thoughts on “Cover plus Kantha………….

  1. The Fly stitch was the perfect choice for the area between the veins on the leaf; what a beautiful result! All three feathers/leaves are full of details and structure. It will be a great looking book!

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