Where to draw the line?………

Yes, I am in the midst of a nasty, clinging virus, but I thought, whilst I’m collapsed on this settee let’s try something really adventurous drawing-wise!  Yet another challenge(for which I am totally unprepared).

I sat in the conservatory and looked up – big mistake!  I thought, now this could be fun why don’t I  draw something from below and let’s just pick the most complicated looking object in here.  The Large ceiling fan with 4 rotary blades, with lower glass shade and chain pulls, to boot.

Well, I’ve just finished what was a drawing marathon for me Hours worth of peering and measuring(all whilst coughing and ploughing through the Kleenex tissues).

Not pleased with the results as the codeine in the cough linctus dulls what few grey cells I have, but never one to give in I plodded on.

It was only when I neared the end of the ‘challenge’, that I saw the glaringly obvious mistake!!!!!!!!  Out of proportion, that stupid little sockety thing.

Also, something that must be addressed by me, immediately is how to capture the angle of viewing accurately(I’m sure it’s called something else, by people who know what they’re doing but hey!  Am I going to let this failure put me off?  You must be joking 🙂  Every time I try I must be gaining experience – -right?

So here’s the ugly pic!  If you’re squeamish, look away now! :}

Not a fan of this one

I thought I would make a place to store my efforts at drawing.  I have always wanted to learn to draw and so admire those of you who manage to capture an object or a landscape in a few deft lines.  The combination of sketch and watercolour fascinates me and seems such a free way of interpreting things.

But, that is beyond my reach for the time being, as I am starting at the very beginning of the process(having not had classes or been trained at all.)  I have plenty of patience and will try to inch my way along the lengthy road of drawing.  Eventually, I’m sure that by trying a little each day my rendering of the subjects will at least be recognisable 🙂

Here’s hoping!

The very first attempt was quite a challenge, as I had no idea how to start, when you have no information with regards to proportion, shading, type of materials, you are like someone who is going on a hiking holiday without a map!

But, I took a deep breath and had a go!

I was sitting in the garden, having dug up some plants that were past their sell-by and as I was enjoying a cuppa, I thought I’d try to draw my favourite old trainer .  It took me for ever and I rubbed out, tried again, rubbed out and tried again.  I was just pleased that I had the courage to give it a try and  the nerve to post it up on Flickr, too.

See below left.

Scruffy trainerTime for a trimThe next attempt was to try to capture shadow and light.  I had no idea how to do this but just jumped in and gave it try.  I drew the little conifer that was in my pot by the back door.  (See right)



It is not very good, but I have since been learning about shading  and anything else I can find on You tube and in the tutorials on various websites.  Sharon B over on her blog tones and tints.com  gave us some great information regarding free drawing and painting lessons on the web – Thanks, Sharon!!!.  I registered and have learnt such a lot already!

The first drawing for the class was an everyday object from home,  I know I have a long way to go, but I think I am really going to enjoy the journey!


 If, like me, you are a total beginner, I’d love to hear from you and maybe read about your efforts with pencil and paint!

Best wishes

Barbara M



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